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The Care Professionals Benevolent Fund continue to provide the upmost discretion to all those who have applied for support from the fund. We are sincerely grateful to all grant recipients who have allowed us to share their story, where applicable names have been changed to maintain anonymity.


Fiona has worked for her current employer as a care worker for almost ten years. Over the last couple of years her hours have drastically reduced and she is struggling to find work elsewhere. Fiona is in receipt of statutory funding to supplement her income, but is finding it difficult to manage [...]


Rebecca is in her late twenties and has a life shortening disease. Before becoming unable to work she had worked as a night care assistant in a care home. Her chronic condition means that she needs daily physiotherapy and must consume 3000 calories per day. Even with state benefits, the costs of [...]


Oliver, a care worker, nursed his wife for 6 years through cancer and was her sole carer. Although his wife had been ill for some time, she passed away unexpectedly in June 2012. Oliver subsequently had a nervous breakdown and was admitted to a home treatment team for intervention, he is also [...]

Supporting a 70 year old lady by part funding a specialist mobility scooter

In conjunction with an applicant’s family, we have provided funds to a seventy year old lady, to help purchase a specialist mobility scooter. Mrs Butler, who had worked as a care assistant in a care home, was left blind in one eye after suffering a heart attack and stroke. In 2012 she fractured her [...]

Supporting a gentleman to pay for his wifes funeral

Mr Edwards worked as a support worker for a social care provider for over seven years. Earlier this year his wife was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Mr Edwards took 6 months off work to care for his wife, before she sadly died in august 2013. Having accrued unavoidable debt, Mr Edwards was left [...]

A care worker who needed support after experiencing domestic violence.

Miss Yates is a single mother to a young child and baby. She suffered domestic violence & mental health problems. The domestic violence she encountered resulted in the break-up of her relationship & she struggled to cope. Her partner removed many household items, including the washing machine and [...]

A care assistant who needed help to pay for her baby’s funeral.

As a care assistant, Rachael was also the busy mother of a baby boy. She and her husband were looking forward to the birth of their second son - but tragically, he was born 14 weeks prematurely, and died after major surgery. With no savings, very little money, and not entitled to any state benefit, [...]

A care worker who needed help to care for her son.

Susan, a single mother, worked as a Care Worker for 5 years before becoming a full time carer for her son, Lewis in 2007. Lewis was diagnosed with extreme Tuberous Sclerosis at the age of three, he is now nineteen and still requires 24 hour care. Susan has ongoing medical conditions and because of [...]

The CPBF Supports McIntosh Family

The Care Professional’s Benevolent Fund is delighted to have recently been able to help the McIntosh family from Derbyshire purchase a new vehicle that will dramatically reduce the stress they face when embarking on the long journey to Sheffield Children’s Hospital with their sick twins Chester and [...]

The CPBF supports carer in time of need.

The Care Professionals Benevolent Fund is delighted that it has been able to continue helping carers by offering financial assistant to Tracey Fernandez, a 37 year old full time mother from Cardiff, South Wales. Tracey is the wife of Stephen Fernandez, a 41 year old care assistant who tragically [...]

Charity helps lady from Croydon

The Charity recently received an application for support from a 57 year old former care professional, Cassandra, from East Croydon. Cassandra is the proud mother of six grown up children and was diagnosed with severe depression after her husband walked out on her which subsequently left her [...]

CPBF supports care worker following road accident

In March 2010, the charity received an application from SW, a 55 year old care professional, who has worked in the independant sector since 1997. Tragically, she was involved in a road traffic accident in January 2010 - the trauma of which resulted in SW suffering from a speech impairment due to [...]

Charity delighted to help care worker in North Wales

The CPBF are delighted to have been able to step in to assist PC, a senior care assistant, with 13 years service in the independent care sector. In March 2010, the charity received a request from a housing charity based in North Wales advising us of the plight of PC. Having now retired, PC [...]

CPBF supports former care worker in North West

In February, the CPBF were contacted by the Pathways Advisory Service of the Department of Work and Pensions. The Charity was asked to support an individual, who having spent 16 years working as a carer in the Manchester area, found herself unable to work, as a result of a series of health [...]

CPBF support couple in South Wales

Having suffered the immense trauma of losing their 17 year old son in a road traffic accident, Mrs. D. of South Wales then had a massive heart attack. Following extensive surgery, Mrs. D. is still unable to work in the Care Home, where she has worked for the past 11 years. The Charity was [...]

CPBF makes first grant of support

The Care Professionals Benevolent Fund, which has been formed to assist all types of care professionals who are working, or who have worked, in the long term care sector by providing them with grants to help them through hard times, is delighted to announce that it has this week made it’s first [...]

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