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Show your appreciation for your carers

They support your service users – and your organisation

The service users in your care depend on your care workers; for love and support, for comfort and kindness, and for looking after them with professional commitment. So the fact is that you depend on your carers too! After all, they work hard on your behalf, they're the foundation on which your business is based – plus their efforts, diligence and dedication contribute immeasurably to the success of your organisation.

Become a corporate member of The Care Workers Charity

So now's your chance to show your appreciation for your care workers – by becoming a corporate member of The Care Workers Charity. Launched in 2009, this national registered charity helps current, former and retired UK care workers who are experiencing challenging life–changing circumstances, such as financial hardship, emotional distress or sickness.

It's easy to join, it costs so little – and your help means so much!

All we're asking you to do is to become a corporate member of the CPBF by contributing just £1 per year for every care worker you employ; by doing so, you'll help us provide the vital financial and personal support needed to look after care workers who face circumstances that might otherwise be impossible for them to deal with.

You get plenty of benefits in return!

In return for your generous support of The Care Workers Charity, we'd like to do as much as we can to help you, so here's what you'll receive in return for your corporate membership:

  • Full and unlimited usage of The Care Workers Charity  logo – so you can demonstrate your valuable support for us on letterheads, websites, stationery and marketing collateral
  • A Corporate Membership certificate – display it in a prominent position to show your loyalty to your care workers, your clients and their families
  • Regular supplies of print–version The Care Workers Charity newsletters (also available online) – keeping you, your staff, colleagues and clients informed about our work and the importance of your membership
  • Inclusion in our Roll of Honour of Corporate Members on our website – so you'll benefit from maximum recognition for your membership of CPBF
  • Invitations to regular The Care Workers Charity–run events – allowing you to meet other members and network with fellow care professionals
  • Maximum exposure in our media campaigns – with features appearing in trade publications, online, and in regular press releases to relevant media.

In addition to the benefits listed above, youc can also make excellent PR use of your corporate membership by including it in your CSR, HR and marketing strategies – plus you can refer to The Care Workers Charity in branding, product placement and media coverage. And if you need any extra help in maximising your alliance to The Care Workers Charity, we'll be happy to help you get the best from CPFB corporate membership!

The Care Workers Charity truly appreciates your valuable contributions!

If you would like to pledge a donation to the Charity (or send a cheque), please complete the form below and we will contact you. Many thanks.

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